Partaking of your pannacotta

Ok I don’t know if any of you have actually lived in
Perth but there is this lovely little jap restaurant in the suburb of Applecross called Oshinoya? Nono I think it was Ohnamiya. Yes….that seems to ring with my consciousness better. So we used to go down to this little Jap restaurant which has pretty good teriyaki chicken sets and sashimi. But this little quaint restaurant that probably only sat about 20 people comfortably had one amazing little dessert.

The Green Tea Pannacotta.

Now if you are like the 1998 me and only see a good chocolate dessert as having any orgasmic merit at all, then the idea of bitter green tea mixed with a weird sounding pannacotta that sounds like a Tamil cussword is not so appealing. I was just like that….an unbeliever. I felt nothing good can come out of yet another failed green tea dessert. Green tea ice cream is so rabak it hurts….green tea fillings are just too bitter for my taste. And how about pannacotta? Its all fine in Jamie Oliver’s show…besides I’m not watching what he’s cooking but How he’s cookin. Ladies, you understand what I mean. Jamie’s got to be one of the sexiest BritBoi’s around. And he’s got a bit of spunk in ‘im too.

I digress. So this green tea pannacotta was just so light and delicate. Creamy…and the green tea was this high grade powdered macha. And it was topped off with a macha sauce that was just so rich I felt like crying. Literally. I actually craved for this dessert so much in
Perth that I would force people to drive me down to Applecross just for that green tea pannacotta.


 So far I’ve only found this horrible pic of a green tea pannacotta. But i assure you the applecross pannacotta looks and feels more like this…

( sans berries and thick jam)


Based on my tastebuds and rough estimations, I’ve managed to get the Chutney Chicks to start working on this new version of the Green Tea Pannacotta. I think it holds a close second to the applecross pannacotta. Oh the pain of missing food that you can only find in another country!!!

If you need a little more food pornography, check out


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