What’s happening Mister Brown? All about Wines

I have never confessed to be very much into wine but I no self respecting woman who has ever lived in
Perth can deny the wonderful pleasure of a bottle of Brown Brothers. It was like an instant mood lifter….a bottle of Brown Brothers just instantly sent me into heaven. In fact me and my flat mates used to hit the bottle shops fairly regularly for our Euro beers and a bottle of Brownies just to get the party started.

If you go to this site Brown Brother’s wines actually pair your wine and food up! How cute!




And to know that people haven’t caught on to it yet…hahaha NTUC is still selling Brown’s dessert wines at $19! Hahaha absolute steal I tell you!


Well maybe if you aren’t too sure about Brownies…here are a few of my favourites.

 2006 Moscato Grade: 8/10 Verdict: A Dinner staple hey.        

This current release is a light straw colour with some youthful green tinges showing. The nose is lifted with aromas of freshly crushed grapes, musk and melon characters. In the mouth the wine is alive with a vibrant and mouth filling sherbet flavour. A wine of universal appeal, the retained carbon dioxide gives a frizzante effect – the result a lively and fresh wine in the mouth. Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and fresh.

Orange Muscat & Flora
Grade: 11/10  Verdict: Absolute Brilliance!!!

Orange Muscat and Flora is a blend unique to Brown Brothers. Orange Muscat is the flavour powerhouse, bringing aromas of orange blossom to the nose and a fresh citrus hint to the palate. While the Flora contributes colour, texture and mouth-feel to the palate.The current release displays light golden hues with a lifted nose displaying aromas of orange zest, a hint of honey and some raisin character. The palate: soft and round displays, flavours of orange and undertones of musk with a crisp cleansing finish.

 2006 Dolcetto & Syrah  Grade: 8/10  

Verdict: It’s great with a steak and makes an especially good Sauce reduction!


This wine is vibrant magenta in colour and the nose has fresh, lifted aromas of ripe raspberries and red liquorice along with pastel and jubes – just like Grandma’s lolly jar. The palate boasts flavours of ripe summer berries and the natural grape sweetness is balanced by the frizzante mouth feel which provides a refreshing and vibrant finish.

 So the next time you see a Brown brother’s bottle lying around being unappreciated….do take notice. Your tongue will forever be grateful!


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