Thanks to everyone for the amazing response! Our home delivery service seems to be quite a hit with the East side! We have also taken on board your suggestions and the chef has come to the following conclusions. Why make homogenous fake sounding pastas that everyone else is doing? We decided to get back to basics. 

When I studied in
Perth, I went from a 48kg chick to a 72kg honey and that only goes to show I ate really really well. No I didn’t stuff my face with really fatty foods…or I wopuld have been wallowing in loads of health problems by now. I just ate really fresh…really good food. Organic pumpkins, fresh mussels stewed in broth, blackberries plucked off a huge bushes just outside my house served with cream…these were things I had never really experienced in
Singapore. I loved food in Singapore….but I never understood why someone would eat prawns steamed with no sauce or herbs at all….i always felt seafood and sambla was a logical choice that anything else would have been completely unthought of. I never fully understood Italian food either….it was all just pastas and more pastas and I never caught it.

Till I went to this little restaurant called the Quadrant in Fremantle. It was hidden in a back street far from the main Freo street and very close to my favourite record shop. What made this restaurant different was that the whole interior was built like a ship galley. And of course, the most important bit was that all the cooking was done by an Italian MAMA. Like a real MAMA who wore a black dress and an apron and we would sit and chat with a glass of wine for ages…it was so strange, we hardly spoke the right language but that MAMA made the most exquisite pastas and chicken marsala….I know a lotta boys would be eating more pastas if this mama mia below was cooking!

  Imagine if your marinara was cooked by the ultimate mama mia! Sophia Loren

These were the things I loved about
Perth….especially Fremantle. I had my lunch at Mama’s Quadrant….walked around and had a gelato at this bonafide Italia shop that only Italians went to….walked around a bit more and went for dinner at Benny’s. I enjoyed that freshness…that amazing taste that was so light yet amazing. That’s what good food is all about isn’t it….light and tasty food that is fresh and just amazing…

So where am I going with this? Well based on this new revelation…The Chutney Chicks are going to make major changes to improve the taste and soul of our food! This week’s menu is about to change!!!!Chefs Blogs

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