“Thanks for your Support!”

Thank you for supporting the Chutney Chicks these past 2 years.

It is with a tearful farewell of our delivery services that we write this post.

Unfortunately due to rising costs and this unexpected economic recession, the Chicks have decided to disband. However, the passion for food and loads of other topics remain. We will continue to blog and reach out to our loyal readers and share our passion with food.

Hopefully, where we could not suceed as a business, we can provide a resource and tool for other restaurants and food based businesses to draw upon. In the course of starting and winding up this business, we went through a roller-coaster of emotions and learnt many things that we initially felt was a real drain on our spirits. However, after picking up the pieces of our tired broken hearts, we realised that people deserve to know just how difficult it is to run a business and yet still be chicks who love to enjoy our girly pursuits

Stay tuned!

The chicks are coming back full force! New and improved and most definitely, more interesting than ever!


3 responses to ““Thanks for your Support!”

  1. wah that’s deep

  2. i like the way you write.
    very appealing….you should be a food writer

  3. Sounds terrific!

    A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen: http://bajoseasonedsalts.com/



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