Rajini’s classic line that’s had many a thangaks and mappels using this line against ignorant idiots who belittle Rajini.


“Good ewening to ewerybody.

*Hero music on trumpet*

I seeka you’re pardon for the intrusion. Let me introduce myself to you.

I am Krishnan.

*loud footsteps on plastic floor*

Shanti is my vife.

Yeas yeas yeas…I am mechanic by wocation. I have lots of love and passion for machines. For your kind information, I do not KLAIIM that I have any academic qualification….But certainly. I have lots of compassion towards my fellow human beings and bruther.Appearances is deceptive. It cannot be the yardstick to measure human qualities. I respect those who command respect for themselves. Unless your chaste quality is basically in yew…yew can’t respect you’reself.I respect myself.If yew people think that only literates are educated then I’m not educated. If yew people accept…one who is KULLTURE is really educated, then I am definitely moor moor educated than YEW ALLL.

*waves finger triumphantly*

Thank you wery much.

*flicks hair back in stylo move*

Hah! How about this for the interruption.

* He smiles sexily and slaps an OLD MAN in a brown suit ON THE ASS with a loud SMACK! And walks off in a strut*

Goodnight. Huh huh huh.”

* he twirls his wife around amidst thunderous applause, a moustached man looks angrily as his father’s ass was just slapped. Rajini then flicks a cigarette into his mouth as cheesy keyboard music plays*

Prabhu then enters and says some stupid lines like Guru…Sooooper and Pramatham.


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