Hi there!

 I guess every relationship should start with a good introduction so here goes!

The Chutney Chicks started off as a duo who have an intense passion for food.

We formerly ran a wildly successful catering business in Australia and are now looking to open a restaurant in the East.However, we need to do a spot of marketresearch before we decide to set up shop in the East and start our concept of soul food and great music. Our loyal fans who have been with us throughout this food delivery business have truly seen us through some highs and lows. Although we have wrapped up our food delivery business, we are going to revamp our foodie blog and keep on writing.

When life thows you lemons….you make Margaritas!


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7 responses to “Chicks-say-HI!

  1. Sheela Narayanan-Falzon

    Hi there, got your blogsite from Mathilda. Just wondering if you ladies would consider taking on catering gigs here?


  2. hey….so are you really like “chicks” chicks
    or a bunch of fat guys in chef hats?????

  3. holey shit!

  4. isnt that a sobering thought

  5. Mm..Yum, the food is fantastic girls, The Marinara was just devine!
    Love it!


  6. Hi! Chutney Chicks!
    I am student in Singapore….
    you deliver to my campus soon ok!

    i get hungry at 2am

  7. Chutney Chicks

    Chutney Chicks?

    em can you pls tell me which part is chutney and how hot the chicks are?

    i’m guessing one of you is indian or something to get the whole chutney chicks thing going


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